Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easy Cross-stitch Necklace for Valentine's Day!

I've been wanting to make this necklace for a while and I finally got myself together to do it this year! It was super easy and quick. Here's what I did:

- scrap of fabric
- red embroidery floss
- needle
- 3/4 inch button cover kit ($1.50 at JoAnns or Wal-mart)
- 3/4 inch bezel setting (purchased from Ornamentea)
- chain, jump rings and heart charm (all purchased from Ornamentea also)

1. make a cross-stitch pattern on a scrap of fabric with 3 strands of the floss.
2. cut the fabric with the template on the back of the button cover box
3. using wire cutters, take the loop element off of the button back
4. follow the directions on the button cover box to complete the button
5. glue the completed button onto the bezel setting
6. after the glue is dried assemble the necklace with the jump ring, chain and charm
7. wear your new, fabulous valentine necklace!

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